Celebrate Thirty Years Of ‘Metroid’ With This Slick Fan Upgrade For ‘Metroid II’

The classic Nintendo franchise Metroid has officially turned 30, which for a lot of die-hard fans of the series is a huge deal. Fans have been a driving force behind remembering and keeping Metroid alive in recent years, from projects like playing Metroid Prime in VR to high-quality fan-made short features featuring Samus.

On the 30th anniversary of Metroid it’s a bit strange that Nintendo isn’t really doing anything to commemorate it, as Destructoid points out. Nintendo isn’t always great about these sorts of things, but their fans are always there to pick up the slack for them. What better way than for a new, fan-made overhaul of Metroid II that plays like a dream? Kotaku even went as far as to call the remake brilliant, which seems like quite an accolade.

The game, called Project AM2R is an overhaul if there ever was one, and (for now) is up for download for those who wish to check it out. The game integrates the fast-paced gameplay style of Metroid: Zero Mission with new sprites, a new soundtrack, new bosses and, well, the works. But, you better snatch it up quickly, because Nintendo, who are notoriously hawkish about defending their copyrights, have already been sending takedown notices to sites hosting the files.

With fans already upset at the lack of Nintendo-led acknowledgement of the milestone will probably not be too happy about that one, either.

(Via Destructoid/Kotaku)