Michael Shannon May Play Another DC Universe Villain in ‘Batman V Superman’

Man of Steel may have had its flaws, but casting wasn’t one of them, particularly the casting of Michael Shannon as General Zod. Of course (SPOILERS?) Superman murdered the sh*t out of Zod at the end of Man of Steel, so that’s that then – no more Michael Shannon in the DC movie universe, right? Not so fast – according to new rumors, Shannon may still be playing the main villain in Batman V Superman.

But wait, wasn’t Doomsday supposed to be the main threat in Batman V Superman? Yes, and the rumor, coming from is that Shannon will be playing Doomsday. Here’s how it would reportedly go down – somebody (possibly Lex Luthor) would steal Zod’s corpse, and somehow use his genes to create Doomsday, who would then be played by Shannon via motion capture. It’s not the most outlandish scenario in the world – in regular DC comics continuity Doomsday was created by Kryptonian scientists, and in All-Star Superman Doomsday was created when a person was injected with a special, Kryptonian-based genetic formula, so there’s precedent for this kind of stuff.

No hard evidence for any of this, but Shannon has hanging around with Superman himself recently…

What do you folks think the Michael Shannon rumors? Personally I’m fine with him returning – as long as a tornado doesn’t touch down depositing an unharmed Kevin Costner, I think we’ll be okay.

via ComicBook