Noted Vote Counter/Former Crack Addict Mike Lindell Claims He Has The Votes To Become Chairman Of The Republican Party

Just before losing another round of voting, Kevin McCarthy smugly told a member of the press that he knew he had the Speaker of the House gig in the bag because “I can count.” Humiliation soon followed. Now, as Insider reports, Mike Lindell might be ready to follow a similar path.

While humiliation is certainly not a new feeling for Lindell, he might want to take a cue from McCarthy’s misguided confidence. For a man who hawks sh*tty pillows via creepy infomercials for a living, he sure does fancy himself a politico. And we can probably blame Donald Trump for that. Over the past several years, the Pillow Man — and longtime crack addict — has reportedly sank about $40 million of his own money into trying to prove that the 2020 presidential election was rigged (it was not). And while he has promised to share plenty of damning information over the years, the most monumental thing to come from his many baseless claims about rigged elections just might be the $1.3 billion lawsuit that was filed against him by Dominion Voting Systems (not to mention similar lawsuits filed against Fox News and other media networks that allowed him to spew his meritless accusations).

But following the 2022 midterms — and the lack of the predicted red wave — Lindell took his political obsessions one step further by announcing his plans to knock longtime RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel out of the top spot and take her job. And now, like McCarthy before him, the pillow scion is claiming that he’s got the votes to win!

On Monday evening, the pillow magnate told Insider that he has “locked in” the votes he needs to make sure he can knock McDaniel out of the position she has held for the past five years.

“It’ll be like, what you’ve just seen happening in our Congress here, you know,” Lindell told Insider. “There’s gonna be multiple votes, and there’s a three-way race, and we all stay in until somebody gets to 85.”

“I have plenty of states now,” Lindell continued. “I believe she’s well under 85; with my math, I’d say somewhere around 70 to 75.”

Whether Lindell’s math is any good remains to be seen.

(Via Insider)