Mike Lindell Wants To Go From MyPillow Guy And Wacko Conspiracy Theorist To Big Cheese Of The RNC

Republicans didn’t exactly get their clocks cleaned at the midterms, but they did find most of their extremist elements rejected by voters. How to get back in their graces? They seem to think the answer is to double down. For instance, one person wants to challenge current chair of the Republican National Committee, arguing the party needs fresh ideas. Unfortunately that person is Mike Lindell.

As per Axios, the MyPillow Guy — who’s gone from successful entrepreneur to conspiracy theorist wacko who’s spent the last two years effectively burning money, and who’s still banned on Elon Musk’s Twitter — went on Steve Bannon’s podcast, where he made an announcement: “I am 100% running for the RNC chairman against Ronna McDaniel.”

The GOP saw one MAGA candidate after another either underperform or flame out. Is the problem Donald Trump? Or is it current chair McDaniel. It could be both, but Lindell — who’s as MAGA as they come — thinks it’s her, not Trumpists like himself.

“You need a different input to get a different output,” Lindell said. “That’s business 101.”

How would Lindell juggle running a bedwear business, spreading unhinged misinformation about a two-year-old election, and lording over a party in trouble? He said he’d focus on the RNC gig full-time. And he’s already reaching out to all 168 members of the committee, listening to their concerns, of which they have, he says, “a lot.”

Would the RNC give Lindell his blessing? According to him they are. He claimed “one of the things that one of the big donors said to me, he said, Mike, everybody wants you to be head of the RNC, some of them just don’t know it yet.” Sounds like something that definitely happened to a guy who keeps claiming he has proof of voter fraud but never delivers.

Anyway, good luck running for office despite claiming that voter fraud is rampant.

(Via Axios)