Mike Lindell Has Wasted Sooooooo Much Money Trying To Get Trump Back Into The White House

The last time we checked in on Mike “Pillow Man” Lindell, who sounds like he played basketball in the 1970s when he’s really just a pillow-selling kook, he was accusing a politician of “murder.” Everything’s going great over there.

Ahead of his speech at a pro-Trump rally in Michigan over the weekend, Lindell (who 12 TV stations have reportedly barred from appearing in MyPillow ads) spoke to the Right Side Broadcasting Network about his tireless (literally) efforts to prove that Donald Trump, not Joe Biden, belongs in the White House. “The evidence we came out with 10 days ago, it’s over. It’s just a matter of getting it out there,” he claimed, with no evidence.

Lindell also revealed how much money he’s spent trying (and hilariously failing, over and over again) to prove the 2020 election was rigged against Trump.

“I’ve spent about $35 million,” the MyPillow founder told RSBN. The interviewer looked shocked, turning her head and looking at the ground as she kept the mic on Lindell. “Well, my employees thank all of you,” Lindell said, motioning to the crowd. “We wouldn’t have been able to do it if you guys hadn’t supported buying our products and you guys on RSBN, you guys are the best.”

Lindell has wasted $35 million in attempt to prove something that doesn’t exist when he could have spent that money to buy a castle in Connecticut. Personally, I would rather own a castle (or pay my legal fees).

(Via Newsweek)