Most GOP Voters Apparently Want Wacky Former Crack Addict Mike Lindell To Lead Their Party, Because Sure Why Not

Between top-secret government documents popping in the homes of former presidents and vice presidents alike and Republican congresspeople spending nearly a week trying to elect a Speaker of the House, it’s safe to say that all is not well in GOP Land. Don’t believe us? Well, how about this: a new poll shows that Mike Lindell — yes, the same guy who hawks his crappy infomercial pillows on TV — is leading current RNC chair Ronna McDaniel in a poll to determine who the next leader of the Republican party should be.

As Newsweek reports, the Rasmussen poll has Lindell leading the race for RNC Chair with 30 percent of the vote, while McDaniel — the incumbent — has the support of just 15 percent of those surveyed. Trump attorney Harmeet Dhillon trails the Pillow King by 10 points with 20 percent of the vote, while 15 percent didn’t support any one of the three candidates. (Just over 20 percent were undecided.)

As Katherine Fung wrote for Newsweek:

Although Lindell is among the three candidates, McDaniel and Dhillon have emerged as the key candidates. McDaniel has already received an endorsement from more than 100 RNC members, but Dhillon told Politico that she still thinks she has an “excellent chance” of pulling an upset, and the outlet estimated that she could wrangle about 60 votes from McDaniel.

Ultimately, it’s not up to Republican voters to name the RNC chair, but a smaller committee composed of several Republican leaders. They will meet today to name the new (or returning) chair.

(Via Newsweek)