Mike Lindell Now Claims That MyPillow Is Not Going Broke After Telling Steve Bannon The Exact Opposite

Mike Lindell can’t seem to make up his mind on whether his MyPillow business empire is doing great or teetering on the edge of collapse after being targeted in a political vendetta. While talking to Steve Bannon on Wednesday, Lindell claimed that he had to borrow $10 million to keep MyPillow going after being targeted by lawsuits over his claims that voting machines were tampered with to “steal” the election from Donald Trump. Lindell also accused the IRS of going after MyPillow because of his crusade against voter fraud.

“You know, we got to get rid of these machines,” Lindell told Bannon. “And all I do is get attacked every day for it. And it’s the pushback that comes from every barrel, from my phone being taken by the FBI, now the IRS audit, and my company being attacked every single day.”

Lindell would later clarify that actually just he’s being audited, not MyPillow.

At the time of his interview with Bannon, Lindell’s claims jibed with previous remarks that his pillow empire has lost”$100 million in retailers.” However, just hours later, Lindell’s story quickly changed. After being contacted by The Daily Beast, he claimed that MyPillow is doing better than ever thanks to his latest creation.

“I invented MyPillow2.0 and it is doing great!” Lindell said. “Over 1/2 the loans are already paid back! MyPillow2.0 is manufactured 100% by MyPillow in Minnesota! You must have seen the ads in all TV stations across the country.”

When asked if MyPillow is losing money, Lindell declined to answer, but he did admit that the company “had to spend millions on lawsuits and the last 2 years lost 30 box stores and shopping channels.” But, apparently, that’s no big deal thanks to MyPillow2.0, which is a thing that exists now if you believe anything Mike Lindell says.

(Via The Daily Beast)