Mike Lindell Appears To Have Shuttered His Last MyPillow Store — Which Were Apparently A Thing

If it weren’t for those creepy MyPillow commercials that saw him creeping through the medicine cabinet like Candyman, Mike Lindell’s sole claim to fame might be as the most unhinged member of Donald Trump’s Big Lie promo squad. As it stands, he’s known as a heroin addict-turned-pillow-magnate-turned-unhinged member of Donald Trump’s Big Lie promo squad. But his days as a home goods giant could be numbered.

According to Bring Me the News, Lindell’s last remaining MyPillow mall store — of which there were apparently more than one — has been shuttered. A photo of the store, located at the Rosedale Center in Roseville, Minnesota, being emptied of its goodies was shared on Twitter and appropriately captioned “Womp womp.”

While that store location still appears as “open” on the official MyPillow website, the photos tell a different story. The company’s official outlet store, in Shakopee, Minnesota, is still currently in operation.

Though it may come as a surprise to many that Lindell hawked his tacky goods in brick-and-mortar locations as well as on TV, it appears as if he kept his stores close to his home base in Chaska, Minnesota. However, Lindell’s growing infamy — and mounting lawsuits from the likes of Dominion Voting Systems, for helping Trump to spread lies about the 2020 presidential election being rigged — have caused major disruptions to his business. As Tommy Wiita writes for Bring Me The News:

In June, CEO Mike Lindell announced that Walmart was dropping his products from its big-box store shelves. Lindell claimed at the time that the move came despite high sales numbers and offers by him to allow Walmart to sell his products at a lower price. He claimed that he was a victim of cancel culture and blamed Walmart for the decision.

However, a Walmart spokesperson told Bring Me The News at the time that the products would still be available on its website. As of Wednesday, that still appears to be true.

Other major retailers, including Kohl’s and Bed Bath & Beyond, have also stopped shilling for Lindell following his political shenanigans. Deranged stunts like threatening a class action lawsuit against “all machines” haven’t helped Lindell.

Still, as long as there are words Lindell can stick “My” in front of, he’ll keep trying. In June, he launched his own coffee line called, yep, MyCoffee. In early July, Lindell convinced equally bonkers Rudy Giuliani to hawk his tacky Crocs sandal ripoffs. And some people have noticed that, appropriately, his line of MySlippers also make for great prison shoes. Which could eventually come in handy.

(Via Bring Me The News)