Mike Lindell Was Served With Yet Another Defamation Lawsuit, This Time While At A Rally Spreading More 2020 Election Nonsense

For the last year and a half, Mike Lindell has had a single purpose: Burning through what may wind up being all his bedwear money on something that doesn’t exist. The MyPillow Guy recently confessed he’s blown about $35 million and counting on 2020 election lies, all for a guy who keeps blurting out that he lost. He’s already being sued by Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems. So what’s another going to do to him?

As per Insider, Lindell is being sued yet again, this time by Eric Coomer, a former Dominion employee he once called a “traitor to the United States.” To make things worse, Lindell was served with the lawsuit while at a mini-rally in Denver, where he had just given a speech about the very subject that keeps getting him sued. And there were cameras rolling.

In the video of the moment, Lindell is walking away from his speech, surrounded by well-wishers. One person in the crowd, wearing a bright yellow jacket and an “Iraq-Afghanistan Veteran” cap, hands the entrepreneur-conspiracy theorist a manilla envelope, which Lindell takes unthinkingly. He then catches himself, and yells back at him, “What is this?” “It’s for you,” the man says. He then tells Lindell they’re court documents, containing his latest lawsuit.

In the complaint, Coomer alleges that Lindell “irreparably tarnished” his reputation and had made “numerous false statements, defamatory interviews, and other dishonest content” about his character. Coomer was among the figures Lindell brought up during his chaotic “cyber symposium” last August, and he’s come up numerous times on his platform Frank Speech. He also alleges that he’s received “frequent credible death threats” thanks to Lindell’s claims. Coomer has also sued the Trump campaign and his allies.

Lindell didn’t seem worried by receiving another defamation lawsuit. He instead said Coomer and those like him are trying to “cancel” his voice.

(Via Insider)