Mike Lindell Is So Very Mad That Walmart Executives Are Ignoring Him After Dumping MyPillow Products

In another crushing financial blow, Mike Lindell has revealed that Walmart won’t sell MyPillow products anymore. Lindell disclosed the news in a rambling Facebook video where he accused the retail giant of “cancel talk.” According to the crazed MyPillow CEO, Walmart’s decision is a whopping $100 million loss in wholesale sales, which arrives on the heel of Lindell disclosing that he’s dropped at least $30 million of his own money in his election fraud crusade. Lindell has vowed to go down in flames proving that the election was stolen from Donald Trump, and he just might get his wish.

As for what made Walmart pull the plug, Lindell has had trouble getting a straight answer thanks to executives ignoring him, which only further angered the hot-tempered CEO. Via New York Daily News:

Initially, according to Lindell, he was told sales had “fatigued” which is why the retail giants moved his product out of a highly visible “As Seen On TV” section. Now, the store will stop selling MyPillow products altogether. The 60-year-old Minnesota native said that after some back and forth, he got an executive vice president who was “kind of ignoring me” on a video conference call.

According to Lindell, Walmart claims his products no longer meet a satisfactory customer rating. Lindell blames “bots and trolls” for trying to shut him down by posting fake reviews. However, he didn’t help his case by losing his cool and blasting Walmart for selling “China pillows.” He also accused the retail giant of being “liars.”

“You’re a liar, liars and you’re liars, just like people on that January 6 committee,” Lindell ranted.

(Via New York Daily News)