Mike Lindell Has Revised His Astronomical Sum Spent On ‘Investigating’ (Non-Existent) Election Fraud, And He’s Ready To Keep Going Down In Flames

Back in April, Mike Lindell bragged that he’s dropped at least $35 million “investigating” the 2020 election under the belief that the election was “stolen” from Donald Trump. (It wasn’t.) However, in a recent interview given during a Trump rally in Wyoming, Lindell has adjusted his spending to a more conservative $30 million, which is clearly a much less crazy amount than $35 million. Especially to Lindell, who’s thoroughly convinced that he “has more information than anyone in the world” even though he’s yet to provide definitive proof of his election fraud claims.

Lindell made the remarks to Cowboy State Daily where he vowed to keep fighting despite facing multi-billion dollar lawsuits and already dropping a small fortune:

Lindell is backing a preliminary injunction filed in Arizona in April demanding a change be made to allow ballots to be counted by hand. He said more injunctions will be filed in Alabama, Wyoming and Texas, and said the recent election in Georgia will only help his case.

“We’re going state by state,” he said.

Again, Lindell has yet to prove that the 2020 presidential election results were rigged and has been routinely shot down by Republicans who are growing tired of the “Big Lie.” In fact, Lindell has been locked in a bitter feud with Fox News after the right-wing network distanced itself from his conspiratorial crusade. Naturally, that hasn’t deterred Lindell who insists that, any day now, he’ll prevail and put “300 and some million people” in jail for their crimes against Trump.

(Via Cowboy State Daily)