Watch A Nerf Dart Break The Sound Barrier

Nerf darts, as a rule, aren’t meant to injure people, even in the hands of John Wick. They’re supposed to be soft, safe, and fun. But there’s always some guy who’s got to take it too far — like Giaco Whatever, an engineer on YouTube, who’s just taken a Nerf dart past the sound barrier.

Needless to say, this wasn’t your usual pump-n-fire Nerf gun. Instead, a full-fledged air cannon had to be constructed. Still, the results speak for themselves; the dart, while fired, moves at twice the speed of sound, Mach 2.35 to be exact, faster than the Concorde. That’d leave a mark if you hit your little brother with it — in the video you can see it punch a dent in solid wood. In fact, it’s so fast, that at a thousand frames per second, it appears on the video in just two of those frames.

If you’re assuming this guy is done with his Nerf experiments, nope. He’s aiming to get the dart to fly even faster, and perhaps even be potentially fatal. You know, because nothing adds joy to a child’s play time (or hunting the mighty coworker on a Friday afternoon) like the risk of death. Still, if he can get it up to Mach 5, we might have something. Sure, something totally dangerous, but definitely something.

(via Sploid)