‘John Wick’ Is Even Better When The Real Guns Are Replaced With Nerf Guns

In John Wick, our puppy-loving, well-dressed hero kills 77 bad guys using a wide-range of guns, including a Heckler & Koch P30, Coharie Arms CA-415, and Desert Tech Stealth Recon Scout. John Wick: Chapter 2 has an even higher body count with an impressive 128 confirmed casualties; Wick’s arsenal includes a Glock 17, Glock 26, and AR-15. (Oh yeah, and don’t forget about the “f*cking pencil.”) You don’t need to know about guns to enjoy John Wick — I know next to nothing, and I think they’re both great — but it probably adds an extra layer of enjoyment out of firearm recognition. That’s how I felt watching “Nerf John Wick.” One person’s AR-15 is another’s Nerf Blaster.

The concept from Corridor (who also gave us “Literal Bohemian Rhapsody”) is simple: John Wick, but with foam-firing Nerf guns instead of real guns. Everything else, from the woozy music to the fight choreography, is the same; fake Keanu Reeves even does some nifty tricks with his weapons. Not that I’m advocating selling firearms to children, but if I was 12 years old (or, fine, even now as an adult), I would totally buy a Sharpshooter II with a John Wick sticker on the grip. Somebody please get this man (me) a (John Wick Nerf) gun.

(Via Corridor)

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