Nick Kroll Channels Brett Kavanaugh’s Drinking Buddy ‘Squish’ To Explain ‘Boofing’ To Stephen Colbert

Nick Kroll got in character as Brett Kavanaugh’s fictional drinking buddy “Squish” to chat with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night about President Trump’s Supreme Court pick — named so for “the sound it makes when you tap a keg.” No stranger to playing douchey characters (one literally even named “the Douche”), Kroll was a natural to attempt to explain Kavanaugh’s questionable yearbook terms to Colbert.

Trying to get to the bottom (no pun intended) as to what “boofing” means, Colbert asked Squish to settle the debate whether or not boofing refers to flatulence, anal sex, or consuming alcohol with your butt. “I don’t know Stephen,” he responded, “But I do know they all make the same sound, skweeeeesh!”

Unfortunately, that’s probably the closest we’ll come to an actual answer.

The Senate Judiciary Committee plans to hold a final vote this week on whether or not to confirm Kavanaugh, who at worst, is guilty of sexually assaulting at least three women in his high school and college days, and at best, is guilty of perjury — since several of his former classmates have come forward to accuse him of lying under oath.

As if all that isn’t bad enough, should Kavanaugh be confirmed, he’ll be entering the lifelong position with a fiery vendetta against liberals and women in general … So as grim as all that sounds, at least people can still laugh at bits like this to keep from crying?