This Runner Who Uses Nike+ To Draw Dicks While She Runs Is Our New Athletic Hero

For anyone who is a runner — or even if you’re not — you’re probably full aware of the tedium that comes with running miles upon miles for the sake of fitness, or something. (Even I don’t know why I do what I do.) Some of my runner friends get motivated with meticulously planned playlists or even GPS apps that simulate zombies chasing you, but I’ve never found anything that really works for me. Until now, that is. Copywriter Claire Wyckoff started a tumblr called Running Drawing, in which she posts pictures that she “draws” using her Nike+ app. SPOILER ALERT, most of them are of dicks.

Here’s a sampling of her artwork:

Occasionally she strays from drawing dicks, such as with this inspired masterpiece:

I’m partial to Runkeeper myself, although any basic GPS running app will do. Think about it: The possibilities are endless. Dick 5Ks? Cock and Balls Half Marathons? PENIS-SHAPED MEDALS? As both a runner and purveyor of fine dick humor, my head is absolutely spinning with the possibilities.

(Via BroBible)