NYC’s New Hero Is Zack, Who Helped Catch The Suspected Brooklyn Subway Shooter

Frank James, the New York Police Department‘s primary suspect in the Brooklyn subway shooting on Tuesday that left 29 people injured, was taken into custody on Wednesday. The 62-year-old was arrested in Manhattan‘s East Village and has been charged with having committed a terrorist act on a mass transit system.

The New York Times reports:

Keechant Sewell, New York’s police commissioner, said that Mr. James had been stopped in response to a Crime Stoppers tip and that he was taken into custody without incident. She said Mr. James would be charged with having committed the shooting on Tuesday. “We were able to shrink his world quickly,” Commissioner Sewell said. “There was nowhere left for him to run.”

Much of the credit for finding James, who was on the lam for over 24 hours, belongs to Zack. Just… Zack. “Thank you, Zack! You’re a hero with those fast reflexes,” Twitter user Samantha Zirkin tweeted, along with a video interview with the hero.

The “21-year old security camera installer” held an “impromptu press conference” shortly after James was taken into custody.

The NYPD offered a $50,000 reward for information leading to the capture of the gunman. Zack deserves it, and so much more. But for now, he’s being praised for his heroics on social media,

New York’s finest: Zack. May he never be milkshake duck‘d.

(Via the New York Times)