‘Queer Eye’ Made A Rather Surprising And Surreal Cameo In The Background Of The Latest Jan. 6 Hearing

The Jan. 6 hearings were back on Tuesday, with a session devoted to further evidence that there was no proof for Trump’s voter fraud lies, as well as extensive looks at the direct connections between his administration and far right extremist groups. It was yet another colorful afternoon on Capitol Hill, complete with still more Rudy Giuliani nonsense. But perhaps the strangest moment came from someone else.

As per Curbed, one of the pre-taped testimonies presented during the hearing came from Kellye SoRelle, a general counsel to the militia group the Oath Keepers. A volunteer for Lawyers for Trump, she claimed that when it came to the Stop the Steal rallies that preceded the Capitol riot, the conspiracy theorists Ali Alexander and Alex Jones “became, like, the center point for everything.”

That’s all well and good and useful intel that should help bolster the House select committee’s case. However, it was easy to be at least mildly distracted by what was behind SoRelle on her Zoom screen: a lovely kitchen festooned with leather barstools, white marble counters, and an island. In fact, Crooked Media’s Erin Ryan thought it looked a mite familiar.

As Ryan pointed out, it was indeed a green screen Zoom background, its image lifted from the third season of Queer Eye. It was the gang’s home base that season, and it was designed by Bobby Berk with goods from West Elm. The photograph comes courtesy of Landon Vonderschmidt.

The Trump gang is a weird one, and these hearings have been alternately (or even simultaneously) shocking and surreal. In a sense, seeing some Queer Eye pop up in hearings concerning people, many of whom are for the gutting of LGBTQIA+ rights, shouldn’t be that surprising. And they still (maybe) have Steve Bannon to deal with.

(Via Curbed)