Rudy Giuliani Called Trump’s White House Team A ‘Bunch Of P*ssies,’ According To Jan. 6 Hearing Testimony

Rudy Giuliani has once again found himself at the center of a televised January 6 hearing. This time around, the committee’s findings were focused on Donald Trump’s “elite strike force” of a legal team, which proved itself to be anything but. According to deposition testimony from Cassidy Hutchinson and others, in the lead up to the Janury 6 attack, Giuliani, Sydney Powell, Mike Flynn, and former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne were engaged in a heated confrontation with Trump’s White House advisors who were strongly pushing back on the “stolen election” strategy that was growing “unhinged.”

As others testified, former White House counsel Pat Cipollone was “not happy” that Trump was being surrounded by conspiracy theorists that were not providing the former president with “good advice.” The situation reportedly reached a head when Cipollone asked Giuliani and the legal team to produce any sort of evidence. Via Mediaite:

“A general disregard for the importance of actually backing up what they are saying with facts,” as Cipollone described it. Herschmann added that the meeting devolved into “screaming” as he also challenged Powell.

Giuliani was also part of the Dec. 18 meeting, and in his deposition, he shared how he insulted Cipollone and Herschmann.

“I’m going to categorically describe it as ‘You guys are not tough enough.’ Or maybe I put it another way. ‘You are a bunch of pussies.’ Excuse the expression. I’m almost certain the word was used.”

The unhinged meeting wasn’t the first time that Giuliani has been accused of not having any evidence to back up his election fraud claims. During a previous January 6 committee hearing, Arizona election official Rusty Bowers testified that he met with Giuliani shortly after the 2020 presidential election. According to Bowers, he was open to letting Giuliani plead his case if he had evidence, which he claimed to have. However, when the two finally got in a room together, Giuliani and Jenna Ellis admitted that they didn’t have any proof.

“We’ve got lots of theories,” Giuliani said, which brought the meeting to an end. Bowers recalled that he and his group laughed about the whole thing because it was just that ridiculous.

(Via Mediaite)