Steve Bannon Threatens To Go ‘Medieval’ In Front Of Jan. 6 Committee: ‘Pray For Them’

Steve Bannon desperately wants to testify in front of January 6 committee during one of its live television broadcasts. The former White House strategist has already received Donald Trump‘s blessing in the form of the former president offering to waive executive privilege. Naturally, this all seems a little too convenient, and the consensus is that Bannon has changed his tune in an effort to avoid going to trial for his contempt of Congress charges.

However, Bannon took things a step further on his far-right War Room podcast where he vowed to go “medieval” on his “enemies” if the January 6 committee allows him to testify. The rant was one part rant and one part dare, but it was very clear that Bannon planned to use his time to settle scores.

“Pray for our enemies, okay? Pray because we’re going medieval on these people. We’re going to savage our enemies” Bannon said. “So pray for them. That’s who needs prayers. Not MAGA, not War Room, and certainly not Steven K. Bannon.”

As Bannon continued, the rant devolved into a game of chicken between the former Trump advisor and the committee. Via Mediaite:

“But hey, my offer is out there like, here’s what I need. Give me a date, a time, a room number, a microphone, and a Holy Bible,” Bannon continued, repeating his demand that he be allowed to testify in public – preferably during prime time.

“I can take the oath on Zoom, deliver that and we’ll see how good you are little Jamie Raskin and Liz Cheney and all of it – serve it up!”

Bannon wrapped things up with a threat that’s sure to go over well with a House committee that’s actively investigating an insurrectionist attack. “We’re killing the Biden administration in the crib and we’re glad,” Bannon boasted.

(Via Mediaite)