The Only Appropriate Response To A TikTok Where A Group Of Women Wake Up O.J. Simpson At 1 A.M. Is ‘WTF’

Is it 1994 again? Because O.J. Simpson is everywhere. Here he is on TV, getting roasted by Last Week Tonight host John Oliver for the absolute worst take on Will Smith smacking Chris Rock at the Oscars. Here he is on Twitter, still recording Cameo-ass vertical videos. And here is on TikTok, getting woken up in the middle of the night by a group of young ladies who were probably weren’t alive in 1995, when he was acquitted for the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman.

In the 38-second clip, which you can watch below, a shirtless and confused-looking Simpson is woken up at 1 a.m. by a group of ladies (one of whom TMZ describes as a “Nicole Brown Simpson look-alike”) and at least one guy, who yells, “Let’s go, party time in the house!”

It’s very weird.

The TikTok, shared by The George Lucas Talk Show producer Patrick Cotnoir, “was posted to the [account] of Andrew Silverman, the president of Icon Auction and Events,” according to Page Six. “It’s unclear where the group hangout took place, as well as the original author of the viral video. Simpson has yet to address the video.”

Maybe it’s for the best if we don’t know and leave it at “wtf.”

(Via Page Six)