John Oliver Called Out The Least Wanted Take On The Will Smith Oscar-Smack Fiasco

By now, you’ve heard just about every take on this year’s Oscar debacle, wherein Will Smith hauled off and smacked Chris Rock, who had made a GI Jane joke about Jada Pinkett, who struggles with alopecia. In a late-breaking Friday announcement, Smith resigned from The Academy (following his own weepy speech while accepting the Best Actor award for King Richard), yet the takes shall continue.

Some of the more notable entries include Daniel Radcliffe declaring himself to be “dramatically bored” with the situation, and noted hothead Alec Baldwin bringing up the Jerry Springer Show. Then Mel Gibson tried but didn’t succeed at giving his take, but the worst take, perhaps, comes from someone who shouldn’t be talking about smacking anyone. That’d be O.J. Simpson, and Oliver wasn’t gonna let that absurdity slide:

“Nope, not you O.J., not you. No one wants to hear from you on this, especially, when you seem to be coming live from the COVID patio of a Senor Frog’s. You can just sit this one out. Think of this situation like a rowdy bachelorette ordering a mimosa: We want as little Juice involved here as humanly possible.”

Simpson had tweeted (of Will), “He was wrong but I understand the sentiment.” He then posted a video, in which he further declared, “It was unfortunate. I think Will was wrong.” And more: “Look, I understood the feeling.”

Yup, that’s a big yikes. And it’s the take that no one wanted, hands down.