Bob Odenkirk Is Already Back To Doing Very Silly Bits On Comedy Shows Following His Heart Attack

Bob Odenkirk recently had a heart attack. He’s already back to doing silly bits.

The most recent episode of The George Lucas Talk Show, an improvised comedy show with Connor Ratliff (as George Lucas), Griffin Newman (as Toydarian junk dealer/my favorite character in fiction, Watto), and Patrick Cotnoir (as, uh, Patrick Cotnoir), had a guest appearance from Paul F. Tompkins, who called Odenkirk during the show.

“Bob, hi, it’s Paul F. Tompkins,” the BoJack Horseman star said after Odenkirk picked up. “I’m not going to keep you long. I’m calling from The George Lucas Talk Show, which is streaming live right now. And George Lucas just pointed out to me that I was listed as a Special Thanks on W/ Bob & David. And I just wanted to say, you’re welcome.” Without missing a beat, Odenkirk replied, “Well, finally. How long did that take?”

The Better Call Saul actor later added on Twitter, “Paul F. Tompkins is eventually polite!”

Again, this man had a heart attack on July 27; less than a month later, he was playing along with a bit on a fictional talk show with a George Lucas impersonator and a podcast host (shout out to Blank Check) dressed as a blue alien. What a legend. After PFT hung up (without waiting for a goodbye from Bob), Cotnoir accurately noted, “I think we got his first television appearance, post-heart attack.” I wouldn’t want it any other way.

You can watch the entire episode of The George Lucas Talk Show below.