Pamela Anderson’s Debut As Roxy Hart In Broadway’s ‘Chicago’ Landed In Standing Ovation Territory

By now, we know that Pamela Anderson was not down with participating in (or even watching) Hulu’s Pam & Tommy limited series, blast that it was to watch. The project and continued resurrection of she and Tommy Lee’s “home movie” couldn’t have been fun to deal with, and Pam has pledged (while teaming up with Netflix) to bring viewers “the real story” of how she’s “[n]ot a victim, but a survivor.”

Before that happens, though, Pamela decided to make a pit stop on Broadway, where she’s playing Roxie Hart in Chicago through early June. Above, you can see the leading lady with her sons, Dylan Jagger Lee and Brandon Thomas Lee, both of whom are somehow now in their mid-20s. They posed with mom backstage at the Ambassador Theater, and from the looks of things, the performance went well.

The audience is loving her, and she’s loving them, and they’re loving her for… well, you catch the drift. Here’s Pam and the rest of the cast coming forward for a standing ovation (a photo of that, via NBC’s Wilson Wong, is below, too).

And of course Pam got swamped with fans when she left the building after the show.

You can read more about how much people loved Pam’s performance over at TODAY, which details how Pam’s followers specifically traveled to New York City for the occasion. And good for Pam for being “the name on everyone’s lips.” Yup, as Roxy, but also as Pamela Freaking Anderson.