Paris Hilton And Jimmy Fallon Pumping NFTs In Front Of His Confused Audience Will Probably Fill Your Cringe Quota For The Week

Following in the footsteps of Matt Damon and Reese Witherspoon, reality TV star/DJ Paris Hilton has taken a huge dive into the world of cryptocurrency, but she’s not exactly winning people over. The hotel heiress stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday night where the two did their best to promote NFTs. Unfortunately, for them, the audience had no idea what they were talking about and were practically bored to tears.

During the awkward segment, Paris and Jimmy show off some Bored Ape NFTs, and at one point, Paris even gifts some NFTs to the audience, who again, had no idea what the heck was happening. To make things even more cringe, Paris also declared that the Metaverse is the “future of partying.”

It wasn’t exactly one of The Tonight Show‘s best moments, but it did lead to a hilarious field day on social media where people went to town on what Hilton and Fallon’s double endorsement of NFTs means for the cryptocurrency movement. Judging by the reactions, it’s probably nothing good.

Even people who are deep into NFTs weren’t exactly thrilled with the segment, which didn’t do the cryptocurrency movement any favors in not looking like a weird scam where people pay exorbitant amounts of money for cartoon apes.