Paris Hilton Praises Britney Spears’ Resilience On The ‘Time’ List Of The 100 Most Influential People

Time unveiled its annual list of the world’s 100 most influential people this morning, and it features a handful of music icons, like Billie Eilish, Lil Nas X, Dolly Parton, and more. Also among those icons is Britney Spears, and writing a heartfelt message about her for the list is Paris Hilton, who praised Spears for navigating all the unprecedented challenges she has faced over the years.

In her blurb, Hilton wrote about how Spears has remained joyful as she has endured things like “the tabloid culture of the 2000s” and her conservatorship:

“When most people think of Britney Spears, they think of Britney the superstar. She’s iconic. A legend. One of the most influential artists in pop-music history.

When I think of Britney Spears, I see the sweetest soul. A mother. A friend. A fighter. A young woman who grew up in the tabloid culture of the 2000s, when the paparazzi machine was accepted, unforgiving and cruel.

Yes, we’ve watched Britney break records and deliver to the world hit after hit. But behind the scenes, she survived more than a decade of trauma and abuse from her conservatorship. In 2021, the battle cries of #FreeBritney roared louder than ever from her global network of devoted fans and a concerned public. Our hearts broke when Britney spoke about her pain.

Despite the darkness that has surrounded her life, Britney embodies joy and shares the light of her beautiful heart, forever the superstar. So we stand by her and root for her as she turns pain into purpose, her unwavering spirit stronger than ever.”

Check out the full Time 100 list here.