Twihards Had A Collective Freak-Out While Initially Confusing The Grim Pat Robertson News For Being About Robert Pattinson

Pat Robertson and Robert Pattinson are two very different people. Despite sharing the same letters in their first and last names, one is a multimillionaire evangelist who galvanized the Christian right. The other? He’s played a sparkling vampire on screen and once blew up a hotel room microwave with his pasta invention. The main difference between these two men though is that one is now dead.

Thankfully, it’s not the guy who played Batman. But that didn’t stop Twihards from having a momentary freak-out over the possibility that the hunk who once played an immortal vampire had bit the dust.

When news broke early this morning that Robertson — who once blamed gay people for 9/11 — had died at the ripe old age of 93, those quickly scrolling through Twitter confused the creator of the Christian Broadcasting Network with the Twilight actor. Again, these are not the same people. One man claimed Hurricane Katrina happened because of the abortion rate in the U.S. and that travelers could get AIDS from towels in Kenya. The other is a delightful weirdo who’s masturbated on screen a total of four times (so far) and likes to tell fake stories about dead clowns on daytime talk shows.

The world probably won’t miss one of them, but we’d be lost without the visionary who once sold “drugs” (to his friends) that ended up just being sawdust shavings with Febreze on them.

Still, now that we know all is well and Pattinson is safely tucked away living his best oddball life, let’s laugh at our momentary panic attack via these tweets.