No One Could Believe ‘Jersey Shore’ Reality Star Pauly D Appeared As An Inflation Expert On Fox News

Jersey Shore star Pauly D recently appeared on Jesse Watters Primetime where the DJ and tanning enthusiast was asked about his thoughts on inflation because nothing is real anymore. While the interview took place almost a week ago, it only just now started making the rounds on Twitter after a screencap of Pauly D’s appearance went viral thanks to hilariously surreal chyron that reads “DJ Pauly D On Inflation.”

For the record, the interview is real, which we confirmed by tracking down the video of DJ Pauly D talking inflation with Watters on Fox News’ website. According to the video description, the reality star shared his thoughts on “parents financially supporting their adult children, inflation and the latest tanning trends” during the five minute long segment. (For those curious, DJ Pauly D is deeply concerned about how much his “pool guy” is charging these days. Of course.)

Obviously, probing the mind of Jersey Shore cast members for their insights on the economy doesn’t happen every day as you can see by the reactions on social media below. As one Twitter user wondered, is CNN going to ask Snooki about peace in the Middle East next?

In a more on-brand moment, Watters made sure to ask Pauly D on testicle tanning, which was brought to light thanks to fellow Fox News personality Tucker Carlson. Pauly D surprisingly didn’t knock the new trend because he read it raises your testosterone “something like 200%.” That said, it’s not for him.

“I put a sock down there when I tan,” the DJ admitted.

(Via Justin Whang on Twitter)