Piers Morgan Has Absolutely Had It With ‘Anti-Vaxxer Lunatics… Destroying Everybody’s Freedom’

In totally unsurprising news: Piers Morgan is ranting. But this time there’s a twist (well, two if you count the fact that it has nothing to do with Meghan Markle): We’re—cringe!—kind of on Morgan’s side with his latest tirade… even if it is a wee bit overzealous. In a new op-ed for The Daily Mail, Morgan is taking aim at “America’s anti-vaxxer lunatics,” whom he claims “are snatching COVID defeat from the jaws of vaccinated victory with their conspiracy-theory garbage and must be stopped from destroying everybody’s freedom” (and that’s just the article’s title).

Morgan—who just this weekend announced that he had contracted COVID, presumably during Wembley’s Euro Championships final—didn’t end there, because of course he didn’t. In fact, he was just getting started when he wrote that:

“Put bluntly, a lot of deluded, ill-informed, shamefully scare-mongered, or simply complacent Americans have got it into their heads that either the COVID vaccines are somehow more dangerous than COVID itself, or the virus isn’t serious enough to warrant protection from it.

Some of these skeptics believe the insane conspiracy-theory that the US Government is using vaccines to plant microchips in their heads to control their minds. (Don’t laugh: a recent Economist/YouGov poll revealed that 20 percent of Americans really do suspect this.)”

Ouch—a sick burn from Morgan that’s actually totally warranted.

Morgan, who is no stranger to hate mail, went on to explain that when he shared his recent COVID diagnosis on social media and urged everyone to get vaccinated, “I was promptly bombarded with an astonishing amount of utterly insane and incredibly vitriolic responses from the anti-vaxxer brigade — many of them in America… They didn’t believe I’d had COVID, or if I did, then it proved the vaccines don’t work. They screamed abuse at me for encouraging people to get the vaccines, many branding me ‘Mengele’ after Josef Mengele, the evil Nazi ‘Angel of Death’ scientist who helped create the Holocaust gas chambers and performed deadly experiments on concentration camp prisoners.”

Morgan had lots more to say—lots, lots more—but his conclusion is hard to disagree with: “To win the war on COVID, we need to go to war on the anti-vaxxers — shut them down, get them off the airwaves, ban them from social media, and urgently re-educate their brainwashed followers about the incontrovertible truth around vaccines.”