Piers Morgan Got Smacked In The Face With A Pie For Shaming Fathers Who Wear Baby Carriers

Piers Morgan didn’t win over many new fans (which goes without saying) this week when he took to Twitter to shame James Bond star Daniel Craig for wearing a “papoose” style front baby carrier to hold his newborn daughter while out for a stroll. The British media personality is no stranger to putting his fragile masculinity on display, however, this take was so scorching hot that celebrities such as Chris Evans even came out of the woodwork to scold him.

Aside from being a professional Twitter troll, Morgan also hosts the morning chat show Good Morning Britain. On Wednesday’s show, he and his co-host Susanna Reid were talking with the family-friendly comedian Harry Hill, who is currently embarked on a tour teaching children how to be funny. As part of his show Hill explained that he teaches kids about slapstick by demonstrating how to make a custard pie to slap in someone’s face.

It probably wasn’t hard to see what was coming next, but it didn’t make it any less outstanding.

“What’s quite nice is to personalize the pie if you’re going to throw it at someone in particular, you might want to add a letter,” Hill explained. “Because this pie is for all those men who wear papooses,” he added, slapping Morgan in the face with his newly made pie.

After getting pied, Morgan took revenge on Reid — for some reason, because he continues to be the worst — by hitting her in the face with his pie, as you can see the aftermath on Twitter.

Even Morgan played it off like he has a sense of humor (even thought it was obviously fuming at the time):

Others on Twitter naturally had some rather, uh, explicit thoughts as well:

If nothing else, it’s nice to know Piers Morgan’s standing is still all well in the world.