Piers Morgan Is Tired Of ‘Male Public Soul-Bearing,’ Thinks Men Need To ‘Man Up’ And Be More Like ‘Real Man’ James Bond

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05.07.17 7 Comments

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If Piers Morgan is having a tough time on Twitter, you know things are currently about as normal as they could be for the media personality. When he’s not being told to “f*ck off” on television or feuding with celebrities for their cleavage, he’s typically trolling and causing a fuss on social media. He’s had issues with the Women’s March and shared an unwanted opinion about Muhammad Ali’s legacy shortly after the boxer’s death, but his latest is focusing on mental health for some reason. For Morgan, it would seem that the current trend of “male public soul-bearing” is a problem for the former CNN host. With Prince Harry and many others making headlines for opening up about their grief and depression, mental health is once again getting a boost. While replying to a discussion about men opening up about their emotions and still being ridiculed by others, Morgan decided to play the opposing card there:

Several took exception to this line of thinking and the idea that folks should “man up” in the face of their troubles. While replying to some of his critics, Morgan dug in for an example and pulled out what he thought was the prime example of a “man’s man”:

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