Piers Morgan Is Losing His Mind Over *D*ckhead* Prince Harry’s Memoir Details, And People Can’t Stop Laughing At Him

Piers Morgan sure gets riled up whenever he’s “defending” the Royal family against what he views as the ungrateful Prince Harry and the woman who “ghosted” him after a pub date, Meghan Markle. The ex-Good Morning Britain and current Fox Nation talking head is so very upset about what he calls the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s ongoing disrespect for his beloved Queen. This began last year after the Sussexes sat down with Oprah Winfrey and discussed fleeing to the U.S. due to venom from the Royals, which Meghan alleged included racist statements about their son, Archie.

Then Piers raged hard because Meghan dared to earn a living by writing a children’s book, and now, he’s one-upping himself by firing off barbs over Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir. It’s understood that the book won’t be the most flattering account of Harry’s experience in The Firm, and Penguin Random House has now (via Variety) confirmed the name of the memoir (Spare!) and the release date, January 10.

The title feels like an obvious (and accurate, with tone left open to interpretation) reference to how royal siblings are referred to as “the heir and the spare.” Yesterday, Piers was already warming up because Harry (who has definitely watched The Crown on Netflix) isn’t trashing The Crown on Netflix. And Piers had to point out that Netflix is “his employer,” and he’s had it with “Harry’s silence.”

Yet he doesn’t want Harry talking, either, especially because Piers feels that a January memoir release is timed to “ruin” King Charles III’s coronation date in early May 2023. “Charles should strip this petulant, selfish, greedy, hypocritical brat of all his remaining royal titles/status ASAP,” Piers wrote on Twitter.

Further, Piers has had it with Harry while remarking “what a d*ckhead” because “he trashes his family, again, from his California mansion. All while playing the big privacy & ‘humanitarian’ crusader.”

The responses are rolling in with one Twitter user observing, “All this just because she wouldn’t shag you.”

Other remarked upon how Harry’s donating his memoir proceeds to charity, and he makes his own living rather than enjoying those sweet British tax dollars. Then there are the people who are actually inspired to order the book due to Piers’ vitriol, and it does seem like he’s still hung up on Meghan Markle.

Spare arrives in bookstores (and online) on January 10, 2023.