Piers Morgan Couldn’t Resist Taking A Shot At Meghan Markle During The Queen’s Funeral And People Are Dragging Him For It

Piers Morgan couldn’t resist taking a shot at Meghan Markle during Fox News coverage of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. The British TV personality has a sordid history of constantly criticizing Markle, which may or may not have to do with the fact the she once ghosted him ages ago. Morgan’s obsession came roaring back on Monday as he was joined by Sharon Osbourne in a segment entirely devoted to bashing Markle’s presence at the funeral.

Osbourne famously left The Talk after her former colleagues took issue with her defending Morgan’s attacks on Prince Harry and Markle’s Oprah interview where the couple detailed alleged racism in the Royal Family. Naturally, Morgan and Osbourne went back to that well.

Via Mediaite:

“Of course, the whole racist thing was atrocious. And it is like, if you were going to talk about it, then say who said it and what they did say, but the thing is you can’t believe anything after that interview because of the 17 lies that were told,” Osbourne said.

Morgan argued the royal family is “of course” not racist and said he finds it “quite hard to forgive” her past criticisms of the family, even in a time of mourning.

But Morgan and Osbourne’s comments didn’t stop there. They blasted Markle for attending the funeral after “attacking the royal family and the monarchy.”

“When I see her at all these events this week, I think a lot of British people find it very hard to stomach because they think, well, you made the queen’s so difficult the last two years of her life,” Morgan said. To which Osbourne added, “At a time when she should have had peace.”

Considering Morgan’s well-known obsession with Markle, the British TV personality was dragged on social media for using the Queen’s funeral to air his petty grievances. He could’ve just ignored Markle’s presence, but clearly, that’s not how Piers rolls.

You can some of the reactions below:

(Via Mediaite)