Piers Morgan Can’t Get Enough Of ‘Volatile’ And ‘Rude’ Trump Freaking Out Over Their Disastrous Interview

Piers Morgan (who was the inaugural Celebrity Apprentice winner, back in the day) is now giving blow-by-blows of ex-President Trump’s raging responses after he huffily stormed out of their combative interview. Do you love to see it? It’s certainly something.

Let’s catch up a bit because the last 24 hours on this subject have been a blur. Piers revealed a promotional clip for his new interview with Trump, and let’s just say that things grew contentious. Trump reportedly grew belligerent and stormed out when Piers dared to remind him that he lost the 2020 election. The New York Post detailed how Trump threw a tantrum, in which he addressed Piers as a “fool” at least half a dozen times. And then Team Trump claimed that the promo was edited to make Trump look more tantrum-y than he actually appeared to be in real time.

Morgan, who knows a thing or two about storming off set himself, stuck to his story while cheekily borrowing one of Trump’s favorite terms to insist that Trump was the one who was dropping “fake news.”

End of story? No freaking way. Trump then released another statement (via Daily Mail), in which he strangely declared that “I don’t believe Piers is a complete slimeball, but he lost a lot of credibility.” Trump went on to accuse Piers’ of being “potentially fraudulent,” and then Trump added, “Piers is off to a bad start, but thanks to me, he may get a final burst of big ratings before it all comes crashing down!”

With all of that back patting out of the way, Piers is clearly thrilled with this turn of events for his new Talk TV program. He tweeted about Trump’s new statement and declared that being un-slimeballed “is relationship progress.”

Then Piers hopped back over to the New York Post, where he whipped out a new letter to Trump, and yes, he tore into the reality star:

Until or if you do [stop denying election results], I politely suggest you stop perpetuating such an absurd delusion, which just makes you look like the world’s sorest loser and slightly bonkers. Like a guy pointing at a blue sky and saying it’s red.

You insist that our encounter ended acrimoniously, but as the footage clearly shows, your final actions were to tersely snap “Turn the camera off!” at my crew, then walk away through a side door, loudly muttering “So dishonest” about me.

This came after I courteously shook your hand and thanked you for the interview.

I was shocked. It was an angry and frankly rude way to end a volatile interview, where your mood swung wildly between friendly and hostile — particularly toward the end.

And through all of this, Trump’s team has been denying Piers’ account while saying that Trump didn’t ask for the camera to be turned off until much later in the interview. And since the interview doesn’t air until April 25 (on Fox Nation in the U.S.), there may yet be more versions of this story until the whole thing airs.

(Via Daily Mail & New York Post)