Power Girl Stages A Breakout In Our Exclusive Preview Of ‘World’s Finest: Future’s End’

Things are not great for the residents of Earth 2, forced to escape to the main DCU after certain events that left their planet uninhabitable. Namely, they’ve been rounded up by Cadmus and are persecuted as “dupes,” with all the human rights that come when the world freaks out over millions of doppelgangers suddenly appearing. And Power Girl isn’t going to stand for it.

The series itself has been a fairly interesting one for quite a few reasons, not the least of which is the turn it’s taken with the dupes as refugees/test subjects, and the villainy of Cadmus. How bad it gets is illustrated in this preview, as Power Girl tries to stage a breakout from one of Cadmus’ worst facilities…

World’s Finest: Future’s End will be on the stands next week.