A Ukrainian Grandma Brandished Her Own Molotov Cocktails On CNN: ‘Let Those Russian Sh*ts Come Here’

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to plenty of well-informed outrage over Vladimir Putin’s apparent desire to head back to 19th century imperialism. Some have spread the word about how Vladimir Putin allegedly poisons rivals without even batting an eye, and some captured Russian POWs revealed that they weren’t even told the truth about their mission and were essentially led astray by the Kremlin.

Meanwhile, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has stood his ground, refusing to be evacuated by the U.S. and insisting that the fight is on the ground. Zelenskyy, who’s a bit of a Jon Stewart, has gone on to give an emotion-stirring speech to the European Union while also being held out in lighter contexts, including a DWTS stint and being a voice of Paddington, but today on CNN, another hero surfaced while Russian troops continued to advance towards high targets in Ukraine.

As tweeted by CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent Kaitlan Collins, here’s an incredible portrait of courage.

Mediaite highlighted how CNN’s Clarissa Ward interviewed a Ukranian grandmother (and retired economist), Raisa Smatko, who showed off the molotov cocktails that she made after doing some internet searches. “Google helped,” Smatko declared. She also had a word for Putin’s troops: “Let those Russian sh*ts come here. We are ready to greet them…. We will beat them.”

Smatko is standing firm. “I believe in our Ukraine,” she declared. “I believe in Ukrainian people.” And the world is standing behind Ukranian grandmothers like Smatko.

(Via CNN & Mediaite)