Jim Cantore Kept Getting Trolled And Mocked As He Dramatically Covered Hurricane Ida (In A Baseball Helmet, Of Course)

He’s like Batman, except his bat signal is Category 4 storms and instead of saving people, he simply puts himself (and his crew) in harm’s way. Jim Cantore headed down to New Orleans over the weekend to report on Hurricane Ida, which made landfall in Louisiana, with the beloved city part of its path. It’s scary stuff, as Al Roker can tell you. But Cantore didn’t get pummeled by waves. But he did get mocked and trolled.

As it happens, the Weather Channel vet was in New Orleans on the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which he famously covered. Since then he’s become a target of social media jokes. They say that wherever Jim Cantore goes, trouble follows. But though Ida is no joke, people found a number of his antics worth a chuckle.

While Roker got pummeled by waves, Cantore seemed to have no such bad luck. There were the videos of him, all suited up, looking like he was about to be blown over…while people walked around calmly in front or behind him.

There was a guy doing cartwheels.

There was a guy who may have simply been trolling him.

Cantore’s outfit was so hardcore it included a baseball helmet. People felt that was a bit much.

Eventually he did fall down.

Cantore’s notoriety is such that, two days before Ida landed, the city was begging him not to visit, lest he bring the chaos with him.

So let’s all have a good laugh (or two) (or three) (or more) at Jim Cantore. At the same time, stay safe, Louisiana.