Richard Simmons Might Have Given Us The Most Disturbing Tweet Of All-Time

Last time we checked in with aging fitness guru Richard Simmons, he was trying out the brand new massage chair at the place where he gets his car washed, and I assume that place is out of business now, thanks to the 65-year old in short shorts moaning from pure erotic pleasure. Well, if you thought that was a site that your poor eyes should have never ever seen, wait til you get a load of this Tweet that he sent out last night.

For no reason other than he just loves to contribute to the abstinence movement, Simmons Tweeted this saucy, suggestive photo of himself getting ready for bed, with the message, “Tell me a bedtime story!” I can only imagine the millions of hours of sleep lost last night.

As always, Patton Oswalt came through with the only acceptable response.