Of Course Cartoon Villain Roger Stone Is Reportedly Under Investigation By The Feds For Possibly Masterminding The January 6 Insurrection

Back on January 22 (a few months after the failed January 6 MAGA coup), Roger Stone penned a scathing op-ed, in which he tore into Donald Trump’s pardon of Steve Bannon for his defrauding of Trump supporters. Bannon had allegedly embezzled donations to help Trump build that “big, beautiful” U.S.-Mexico border wall, and Stone was incensed that Trump was cool with letting his guy off the hook. Did Stone’s saltiness have a defensive air to it as well? Perhaps, because although Trump commuted Stone’s own seven-felony sentence, there may have been some jealousy and cross-pollination behind Stone’s anger.

The political strategist and Nixon fanboy who helped Trump get elected remained loyal to Trump throughout his presidential tenure and even held a MAGA rally a week before January 6. And as it turns out, members of Congress like Josh Hawley (who appeared to be quite concerned over cell phone records) aren’t the only ones who should possibly worry about what the feds uncover about the planning that led up to January 6. LA Times legal affairs columnist Harry Litman appeared on MSNBC on Sunday to discuss how Stone is reportedly under investigation by the Department of Justice.

Via Raw Story, here’s part of what Litman said about the alleged involvement of Stone and Alex Jones:

“They were not just there. They made really incendiary comments and, look, we already do have a conspiracy — nine people have been charged so anyone, including Stone, Jones, [Ali] Alexander who adopted that unlawful purpose and did any overt act would be guilty of conspiracy. In the case of a Stone, we know from previous conduct that the [Justice] Department isn’t spoiling generally to go after him and former Trump people, but the paramount goal here is to really leave, forgive the expression, no stone unturned with respect to Jan. 6.”

Litman added that the DOJ is keen to piece together exactly how MAGA followers “were radicalized” into believing the “Stop The Steal” propaganda. Given that Stone’s been pushing Stop The Steal disinformation since the 2016 election (while possibly anticipating a Trump loss against Hillary Clinton) alongside Steve Bannon, well, Stone should probably be very worried. And that’s even more reason to explain why he was so irritated about Bannon’s pardon (because Stone obviously won’t be getting one from Trump if this DOJ effort comes to shove against Stone).

(Via Raw Story)