Ron DeSantis Getting Called ‘Pudding Fingers’ By Protestors Somehow Wasn’t The Most Embarrassing Thing To Happen To Him Today

What’s the deal with Ron DeSantis running for president?

The sad meatball governor made a campaign stop in Iowa on Friday. It did not go well. DeSantis was greeted with megaphone chants of “Pudding Fingers” and “Ron DeFascist” (no meatball?) from protestors in the lightly attended crowd.

According to Politico, “At the DeSantis event, Kara Ryan of Des Moines said she and her aunt, Heather Ryan, were there on behalf of a political action committee called ‘B*tches Get Stuff Done,’ that supports abortion rights.” A DeSantis supporter tried to knock the megaphone out of Heather’s hand, but she was determined to get her message out, turning what sounds like “go back to Florida” into “get the f*ck away from me.”

The New York Times detailed the scene:

“Racist, fascist, anti-gay, Ron DeSantis, go away,” they chanted. At one point, a minor fracas ensued between one of the women and a man who was there to welcome DeSantis. Handlers for the governor and local law enforcement stepped in between them. The governor’s remarks were mostly muffled by the chants, and his aides quickly escorted journalists away from the scene to an awaiting travel van.

At the same event, DeSantis stood in front of a brick wall and gave described as the “worst stand up set of all time.” The tepid applause is even more embarrassing than being called “Pudding Fingers.” He must be saving his A material (“I identify as American/patriot”) for the debates.

(Via Politico and the New York Times)