Trump’s Attack Ad Against Ron DeSantis And His ‘Pudding Fingers’ Should Come With A NSFW Warning

Before watching the video below, please know: don’t shoot the messenger. I’m not the one who approved of “Pudding Fingers.” I’m merely passing along Donald Trump‘s attack ad against Ron DeSantis, in which a stand-in for the Florida governor (and presumptive presidential candidate) eats pudding with his fingers. “Pudding Fingers” is a different kind of disgusting than most attack ads. It’s disgusting in the way that the bathtub spaghetti scene from Gummo is disgusting — and I’d still rather watch that movie than… this… ever again.

“Pudding Fingers” is based on an incident, in which the Daily Beast reported that DeSantis “enjoyed a chocolate pudding dessert — by eating it with three of his fingers.” His denial of the story, to Piers Morgan of all people, didn’t help things. The ad played during CNN This Morning on Friday morning, following a commercial for “generic Viagra,” according to Mediaite.

“Ron DeSantis loves sticking his fingers where they don’t belong,” the voiceover says. “And we’re not just talking about pudding.” It goes on to attack DeSantis for his “dirty fingers” being all over “senior entitlements,” and that he should “keep his pudding fingers off our money.” Oh, and “and get this man a spoon!” it ends. That’s a lot of pudding wordplay in 30 seconds, 30 seconds of my life that I unfortunately will never get back. Watch at your own risk.

(Via Mediaite)