‘A Bunch Of Whores’: Rudy Giuliani Says He Isn’t Afraid Of The Jan 6 Committee

Things are not going great for Rudy Giuliani right now. After ignoring a subpoena to testify in Fulton County, Georgia about his alleged attempts to overturn a perfectly legitimate presidential election—then skipping out on a hearing about why he shouldn’t have to testify—the former New York City mayor has been ordered to testify in front of a grand jury next month. If he skips out on that, the judge can issue a “material witness warrant,” which could see Rudy arrested and detained until he is able to appear before the grand jury (and who knows how long that could be). But if you think Rudy’s running scared, then you know nothing about the Borat 2 star who married his own cousin.

On Monday night, Rudy chatted up Greg Kelly on Newsmax, which seems to be the only network where he’s still welcome. When Kelly asked Giuliani whether he’s fearful of the future and whether he might be facing any charges in the wake of the piles of evidence being gathered against him by the January 6th committee and witness testimony, Rudy went full tough guy:

No! Why should I be fearful of that? If they do, I’ll fight it. I’ve fought everything they’ve done so far. So far, every single thing they’ve accused me of, I’ve been right… I was accused of knowing about Russian collusion. I said, ‘There was no Russian collusion,’ they say there was. They were lying, I was telling the truth. Then I was accused of being a Russian agent by the top intelligence people in the Democratic Party — a bunch of whores — and it turns out they’re a bunch of liars. And I’m not a Russian agent.

Wow — Rudy with the W-bomb. Just the kind of badass antics you’d expect from a man who equated being lightly patted on the back to attempted murder.