Rudy Giuliani Claims That NYC Is Now A Crime-Infested ‘Wild, Wild West’ After Getting Patted On The Back At A Staten Island Store

Just last week, more than 100 million women across America were stripped of their right to make personal healthcare decisions for themselves and their own bodies and many Republicans celebrated then went about their day. But when a grocery store worker in Staten Island patted former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani on the back so that he could voice his disgust about that decision, all hell broke loose in Rudytown!

Since footage of what was being called an “attack” on Giuliani was made public, anyone with eyes and a glint of sanity has commented on the disparity between what we can see on the tape and the way that Donald Trump’s longtime doormat described the events of that day, which he has described as being like getting “shot” in the back and/or “a boulder.” And now he’s on a tear about New York City at large, and how it has turned into something like HBO’s Deadwood.

The New York Post reports that Giuliani claims he is suffering from “swelling” and “a sore back” as a result of the incident, in which a ShopRite worker tapped the septuagenarian on the back. “He hit me to knock me down and if that doesn’t merit jail time in New York, we’re in the Wild, Wild, West,” Giuliani said during a virtual press conference.

Clearly feeling like he was on a roll, Rudy swears the man could have easily killed him. “It was a very, very heavy shot,” he said. “He could have easily hit me, knocked me to the ground and killed me. He’s lucky he didn’t knock me down. Falling is extremely dangerous for an elderly person.”

Rather than acknowledge that none of the unlikely scenarios that could have resulted in his death came to pass, Giuliani swore that the grocery store worker—who was expressing his anger at Roe v. Wade being overturned, and the role Giuliani played in making that possible—intended “to cause serious harm … I could have fallen and cracked my skull and died.”

“This guy should be in prison,” Giuliani concluded.

Meanwhile, lawyers for the perpetrator of the backpat—39-year-old Daniel Gill—have issued their own statement claiming that the video speaks for itself (read: Rudy’s recollection of how everything went down has been extremely exaggerated). The charges against Gill, who was originally kept in NYPD custody for more than 24 hours, have since been downgraded, which further pissed off the man formerly known as “America’s Mayor.”

“Finally, I thought we had a DA in New York in Staten Island who was a real DA in favor of protecting victims and not letting criminals go free so they can start hitting other 78-year-old men,” Giuliani said.

(Via New York Post)