Rudy Giuliani Told Prosecutors He Couldn’t Fly To Georgia, So They Told Him To Get His Butt On A Bus

Rudy Giuliani is either a hot mess or really doesn’t want to face the music. Or maybe both! The former New York City mayor-turned-Donald Trump crony (and possible fall guy) has a lot of legal and financial headaches in his life right now, including this: He was scheduled to testify before a grand jury in Georgia on Tuesday, April 9, after having simply stood up prosecutors last month. But when he tried to claim he physically couldn’t make the trip, prosecutors tried to call his bluff.

As per Raw Story, Giuliani claimed that his doctor would not let him board a plane from New York City down to the Peach State, where he’s expected to testify about whether Trump interfered in the state’s election process in 2020. He even provided a note from said doctor. But prosecutors weren’t buying it, at least at first.

“We do not consent to change the date,” wrote Fulton County Deputy District Attorney Will Wooten in an e-mail to Giuliani’s own attorney. “We expect to see your client before the grand jury on August 9, 2022, here in Atlanta. We will provide alternate transportation including bus or train if your client maintains that he is unable to fly.”

Eventually Giuliani was able to semi-successfully delay the testimony, though that might not have been such a good idea either: A county superior judge will weigh in on his latest avoidance tactic on Tuesday.

But think about it: If you were traveling by bus or train, you could have wound up spending many, many hours sitting next to the guy who gifted the world with the Four Seasons Total Landscaping debacle or the infamous wine lady. Or maybe it’s best not to think about it. Life is already tough enough.

It’s not like Giuliani hasn’t been on the road. He recently traveled to New Hampshire, which he did by car. But some of his other travel plans have been a bit more fishy. As per Politico, the D.A.’s office “obtained records” revealing Giuliani purchased “multiple airline tickets with cash, including tickets to Rome, Italy, and Zurich, Switzerland, for travel dates ranging between July 22, 2022, and July 29, 2022.” Sounds legit!

In any case, Giuliani’s attempts to ghost a grand jury have already gotten him in trouble, and this may have just added to his already unraveling existence.

(Via Raw Story and Politico)