Despite Ample Evidence Suggesting He Was Sh*tfaced On Election Night, Rudy Giuliani Is So Mad At Liz Cheney For Saying That He Was Sh*tfaced On Election Night

The ratings hit that is the Jan. 6 committee hearings continued on Monday morning, and with it more bombshells. This time the focus was on what went down election night and its aftermath, when associate after associate told Donald Trump there’s no way the election was stolen from him. But he didn’t listen to them. He listened to a “definitely intoxicated” Rudy Giuliani, who implored him — against pretty much everyone else’s wishes — to go on TV and declare victory. Yes, we’re witnessing this mess because the former “America’s Mayor” was tanked.

Giuliani is already fighting back. As per Raw Story, the former president’s bumbling personal lawyer went on Steve Bannon’s podcast War Room. He didn’t counter any specific claims made by the committee. Instead, he borrowed a move from the client who left him out to dry: He flung insults and yet more conspiracy theories.

“They have no case,” Giuliani railed. “The millions of hours they’ve spent trying to find a crime on Donald Trump and they can’t do it. They started this frame about five years ago.” He slammed some of the “cast of characters,” including committee chair Bennie Thompson and Eric Swalwell. Adam Schiff he awarded the Trumpian name “Shifty Schiff.”

Then there’s Liz Cheney, the daughter of one of the most notorious Republicans in modern history, who’s earned the wrath of her longtime party for standing up to Trump’s nonsense. Giuliani called her “completely hysterical,” claiming that she “has gone off her deep end.” (It’s worth noting that Cheney has been unfailingly calm and measured.)

Perhaps Giuliani wasn’t happy that Cheney told the nation that on Election Night 2020, he was “apparently inebriated,” even though that was already common knowledge.

Speaking of going off deep ends, Giuliani made a leftfield pivot into talking about something else: He wondered why the committee wasn’t looking into a baseless theory that Antifa were involved in the death of Ashlii Babbit. Of course, Babbitt wouldn’t have been there had she not been fed the voter fraud lies that are now being further exposed by the House select committee.

(Via Raw Story)