Russia Has Announced That It Is Sanctioning Joe Biden And Members Of His Administration, Which Will Surely Cause Them To Lose Sleep At Night

In a very weird flex, Russia has announced its intention to impose sanctions on President Joe Biden and select members of his administration.

The Russian Foreign Ministry released a statement (today) blacklisting a number of key officials within the White House including Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, White House press secretary Jen Psaki, and Secretary of State Antony Blinken. The “stop list” also includes names who have no official ties to Biden’s current administration — people like his son, Hunter Biden, and, weirdly enough, Hillary Clinton.

This latest stunt sounds like a poor attempt at retaliation on Vladimir Putin’s part. While the U.S. has already begun restricting its imports and exports to the country, with U.S. companies like Starbucks and McDonald’s halting operations until the war with Ukraine ends, Putin seems to think that hitting back with a public “you can’t sit with us” list is going to convince world leaders that standing up to his regime is a bad idea. And it might be, if you’re one of the people on this list who, for some odd reason, was planning a vacation to Moscow in the coming months. For everyone else, these sanctions are basically garbage.

Sadly, Putin ally Donald Trump (among other Kremlin-supporting Republicans) was left off the list, which seems like something he’ll take offense to since, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry, the people included are considered “prominent US figures.”

Someone please go to the woods and let Hillary know that the tantrum-throwing Putin has canceled her. Also, godspeed to Joe Biden’s dead father!