Sarah Silverman Can’t Believe How Much Fox News And Rightwing Media ‘Really F*cking Hate Her’

On Monday, Sarah Silverman began her weeklong tenure as the latest celebrity Daily Show guest host, following Chelsea Handler’s fine run. She kicked things off in fine fettle, showing how perfect she is for the gig by pointing out one of her most ideal qualifications: Fox News and most of rightwing media, as she put it, “really f*cking hates” her.

It began with a “Daily Show-y” montage, showing one GOP figure after another bashing her, sometimes on Fox News, sometimes elsewhere. Laura Ingraham called her “a complete buffoon and aggressively unfunny.” Kimberly Guilfoyle, who gave an accidentally funny speech at the RNC in 2020, “didn’t find anything funny, actually, about her.” Ben Shapiro’s no fan, nor is Bill O’Reilly (who doesn’t work there anymore), who said he’d “like to hit her with a pie.” Some guy even called her a “Jezebel,” “a witch,” and “a god-hating whore.”

Silverman’s conclusion? “These right-wing people really fucking hate me!” she boasted to the crowd. She wondered what she could have done to accrue their ire. “I mean, what am I, a gender-neutral bathroom over here? What am I, a Starbucks cup that just says ‘Happy Holidays’ over here? What am I, a grown woman with an opinion? Oh yeah, that’s probably it.”

During her inaugural night, the comic and actress also speculated about why Rihanna, during her Super Bowl halftime show, did a Kanye song but didn’t invite Kanye to join her. Perhaps, she wondered, it was because “there wasn’t enough space for her dancers to form a swastika.”

You can watch Silverman’s maiden Daily Show hosting performance in the video above.

(Via The Daily Beast)