Sarah Silverman Thinks She Knows Why Rihanna Didn’t Bring Out Kanye During Her Super Bowl Performance: ‘There Wasn’t Enough Room For Her Dancers To Form A Swastika’

Whether you loved it or not, people can’t stop talking about Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show, which might go down in history as the most watched public pregnancy announcement in the history of the world. While Donald Trump wasn’t impressed by what he called an “EPIC FAIL” of a performance, RiRi somehow managed to overcome the former president’s review and dethrone Taylor Swift as Spotify’s top artist.

Amongst detractors, two of the biggest complaints seemed to be Rihanna’s decision to not turn the halftime spectacle into a who’s who of former collaborators. Yet she was also criticized for “honoringKanye West by including “All of the Lights” in her medley of hits — a song she performed with Ye, which appeared on his 2010 album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Which only goes to prove that you can’t please everyone — though Sarah Silverman has a pretty solid theory as to why the artist formerly known as Kanye wasn’t invited by Rihanna to participate. As the comedian explained during her first night as The Daily Show’s newest guest host:

Some people were surprised that Rihanna didn’t bring out Kanye West during “All of the Lights.” But when you think about it, it makes sense. Because there wasn’t enough space for her dancers to form a swastika.

While the comment was met with some surprise by the audience, Silverman assured viewers that “I can say that because I’m a Nazi.”

You can watch Silverman’s full review of Rihanna’s performance — and how she upped the bar for pregnant women everywhere — above.