Sean Hannity Is Back To Trashing The COVID Vaccines, Which He Falsely Claims: ‘Science Shows… It’s Not Protecting Many People’

Just one month after publicly declaring “I believe in science” and “I believe in the science of vaccination,” Sean Hannity seems to be changing his tune—or at least altering the lyrics. On Wednesday night, the Fox News host invited Ron DeSantis on his show to discuss the measures the Florida governor is taking to protect his residents from COVID-19, which has already killed more than 41,000 Floridians.

DeSantis—who has idiotically blamed his state’s COVID clusterf*ck on immigrants, while at the same time “heroically” vowing to protect his state from the tyranny of President Joe Biden, who has the audacity to want to eradicate the state of the deadly virus—shared with Hannity the many ways he is planning to “help” his state… which basically amounts to forgoing the very simple steps of wearing masks and getting vaccinated to avoid getting COVID in the first place and instead focus on setting up “centers” for people to receive treatments once they inevitably contract the virus because of the aforementioned lack of mask or vaccine mandates. Hannity praised DeSantis for the ass-backwardness of his plan:

“Now that the CDC has said in no uncertain terms [that for] even fully vaccinated people, the vaccine will not prevent you from getting COVID, you have now done something that I think is quite innovative. And that is you have now institutionalized and mobilized your state once again to build these… monoclonal antibodies centers, Regeneron centers, Eli Lilly centers. So when people that are fully vaccinated or not get COVID, they can get the infusion of Regeneron as quickly as possible.”

Regeneron, you may remember, is the drug that Donald Trump touted and was given when he himself was diagnosed with COVID, as did Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie. Texas Governor Greg Abbott—who tested positive for COVID earlier this week—is currently on a Regeneron regiment as well. As CNN reports, monoclonal antibodies like Regeneron “are meant to be used early in the course of the disease to keep it from progressing.” But, as emergency physician and health policy expert Dr. Leana Wen, noted (quite logically, we might add):

“We know what works to prevent people from contracting this disease in the first place, masking and vaccination. We should be focusing on these preventive measures. It’s totally backwards to say that we should be focused on treatment instead of emphasizing prevention, and the steps that we know work to stop COVID-19 in the first place.”

But DeSantis isn’t letting a little thing like science stand in the way of his plan—particularly when his biggest donor has a large financial stake in Regeneron. Of course, Hannity did his viewers no favors when he praised DeSantis’ “innovative” plan for attacking the coronavirus pandemic when he took some seriously dangerous liberties when he described Regeneron as “the most underreported therapeutic out there” and concluded the conversation by telling DeSantis that, “I applaud you and others for doing this and setting this up immediately, now that we—the science shows the vaccine will not necessarily protect you, it’s not protecting many people.”


You can watch the exchange below: