Seth Meyers Tore Into Tucker Carlson For Embracing The Extremely Racist And ‘Incredibly Stupid’ Replacement Theory

Seth Meyers was spoiling for a fight on Monday night as he spoke about the sheer inanity of what has become known as the “Great Replacement Theory.” Meyers dedicated the bulk of his “A Closer Look” to debunking this “theory” and the many fraudsters who have long clung to the its basic tenet, which is that America’s leaders are trying to literally replace you with someone who will be more compliant and bend to whichever way the government directs them.

As Meyers reminded viewers, this straight-from-a-bad-sci-fi-movie plot all started back with Donald Trump, who Meyers said “tried to fan the flames of a racist conspiracy theory by claiming the Democrats were somehow organizing caravans of migrants to cross the Southern border for their own political benefit.” While the former president has spent a lot of time talking this theory up to his followers, it’s pro-testicle tanner Tucker Carlson, who Meyers seems to hold most accountable for bringing this hogwash to the forefront of the public discourse, under the guise of pretending like it doesn’t even exist.

Meyers shared several clips of Carlson talking about white supremacy and how the rumors of its pervasiveness are all a figment of the left’s imagination. He then went on to insist that if we rounded up all the white supremacists in America, they would likely fit into a college football stadium which, Meyers reminded us, would be a hell of a lot of white supremacists. “A college football stadium could fit like 100,000 people, which is a ton of people…. This dude’s like a search engine that just answers your questions with a series of more questions. He’s Don’t Ask Jeeves.”

But, according to Meyers, Carlson is intent on convincing his viewers that the Great Replacement Theory isn’t real specifically so that they will dismiss any reports of it outright. “Because he has openly and repeatedly promoted Replacement Theory on this show,” Meyers says.

In one clip (which you can see around the 6:35 mark), Carlson insists that “you’re being replaced and there’s nothing you can do about it—so shut up!” then breaks into the world’s most maniacal cackle, which Meyers described as “truly a haunting laugh. I love the audacity of calling people on the left literally hysterical and then ending one of your rants with an insane terror giggle.”

You can watch Meyers’ full report above.