Seth Rogen Has Self-Effacingly Suggested One Of The Reasons Why He’s Such A Multitasking Madman

Witnessing everything that Seth Rogen does is dizzying, and it’s difficult to think of any other Hollywood figure who’s been so productive in such a variety of ways over the past several years, quarantine or not. He’s running a weed company, producing hit TV shows, making loads of gorgeous pottery, raising awareness for Alzheimer’s research, and feuding on Twitter with right-wing figures on a semi-regular basis. Seth even mustered up the energy to portray two lead characters in the same HBO Max movie, so he’s really doing it all. How does he find the time to do so?

Well, the subject came up in a fresh New York Times profile that was timed (of course) to release on 4/20 (which has, not incidentally, also been referred to as “Taco Tuesday” by Neil Patrick Harris). Rogen took writer Jonah Weiner on a tour of his home, and it’s an overall fascinating piece where Seth’s dad weighs in on how weed helped his son’s “cells relax” after a childhood of undiagnosed attention-deficit disorder, and his parents overall seem awesome. On the subject of time management and parenting, though, Rogen suggested an interesting (and self-effacing) reason why he’s so productive:

“On a given day I work on seven different things, probably, in little chunks,” he said, then puffed on the joint, shrugging. “But I don’t have kids!”

Obviously, Rogen (age 39) is still much more productive than loads of other childfree people, but yeah, he’s got a point. If he had kids, he’d probably only be able to do seven things at a time instead of eleven. I kid… but yes, it’s difficult to get things done (and I speak from experience) while wrangling another soul outside of one’s own body, and as Rogen seriously notes, “Ceramics is something else that having kids would make impossible.” He’s surely not wrong on that one. Pottery requires patience and concentration and steady hands. Kids are basically the opposite of all those things.

Read the full Rogen profile with the New York Times here.

(Via New York Times)